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Bottlebrush Tree



(Allamanda cathartica)

Folks upcountry like to grow these as ornamental bushes along the front of their property. Bright yellow, velvety flowers with five petals.

bottlebrush tree

(Callistemon citrinus)

An import from Australia, hundreds of red stamens from individual flowers make the brush.


(Bougainvillea glabra)

These Brazilian imports have been hybridized into a bunch of colors which are spectacular when grown together.

Bougainvillea 2

Kukui Nut Tree

Natal Plum


Like this!


(Aleurites molucanna)

String the nuts together and light them up. The kukui was used for tanning and medicine. They are common and easy to spot by their light green canopy

Natal Plum

(Carissa macrocarpa)

Hedges of this glossy leaved plant appear around public buildings and markets. The small, five petaled flower is fragrant and the red berries are made into jams.




You'll see these relatives of the Pineapple around hotels and in gardens all over. These two grow in pots along our walk.

Beach Naupaka

Royal Poinciana

Be Still Tree

Beach Naupaka


Commonly planted along beaches to ward off erosion.

Royal Poinciana

(Delonix regia)

These are gorgeous trees with masses of brilliant red blooms. I first knew them as flamboyant in Mexico and the name suits them.

(Thevetia peruviana)

These low bushy trees are grown all over. Their glossy leaves are always moving. The bright yellow flowers are fragrant. All parts of the plant are poisonous like the oleander.


Bird of Paradise

Octopus Tree


(Morinda citrifolia)

A small tree with glossy leaves planted many places for medicinal purposes. The mashed fruits were used to kill uku (head lice). Researchers have found an active healing ingredient in the fruit. Islanders ferment the mashed fruit and drink the juice but the smell is enough to kill you.

(Strelitzia reginae)

A sunburst of glossy orange and blue, this elegant if outrageous flower is pollinated by birds feet when they stop to sip nectar and trigger its pollen mechanism. In gardens everywhere.

(Schefflera actinophylla)

Used in landscape settings around hotels, these tree have long flowering tentacles that radiate from the trees crown.

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