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Planning Your Trip
Free & Affordable Things To Do
OGG, the airport
Iao Valley, the spiritual center
Wailuku, old Maui
Kahului, the shopping center
Paia, windsurfing capitol
Hana, the last Hawaiian place

Lahaina, sin city 1860
Maalaea, ocean center
Kihei, condos, malls, beaches
Wailea, big hotels
Haleakala Crater
Upcountry. cowboys, shopping

OGG, the airport

airport rainbow

The rainbow is free. You'll see lots of them, early morning and late afternoon,
as you drive around or sit on your lanai sipping Mai Tais.


god maui

Your local airport probably doesn't have a statue of a god pulling the sun from the sky, but we do. Maui wanted the sun to slow down so his mother's tapa cloth could dry. That's why we have the nice weather.


maui rainbow

The rainbow will lead you to the car rental places just a few steps from the baggage claim area.

airport shop

You can buy Ag approved fruit and flowers in the airport or at many stores around the island.



Sooner or later, we'll have let you go home. From our perch at Kanaha Beach, we'll watch your plane fly into the sunset and say a fond "aloha".

OGG is the airport identification code you'll find on your baggage checks. The old airport was a lovely open building with a banyan tree full of singing birds in the middle. This new one runs you through the standard tubes and lounges. You'll know you're here when you feel that first brush of warm tropical air across your cheek.

About 80 flights arrive and depart daily from the Kahului Airport. You may fly directly from the mainland on United, American and Delta. Or, you may fly to Oahu and then to Maui. Why? Our runways are too short for a fully loaded jumbo jet to take off. We've been arguing for 10 years over extending the runway and it seems likely to happen any year now. Try for a direct flight. The layover on Oahu is a pain.


Maui is served by Continental, Northwest, United, American and Delta. You can get interisland flights on Hawaiian, Aloha, Aloha Island Air and Mahalo Air for about $50.

getting around

Automobile Rental

Be aware that there is no public transportation on Maui. You can get to and from hotels by shuttle but you'll want a car to cruise the island so you might as well get one right off. The major car rental agencies have counters at the airport:








Good idea to reserve in advance, especially during peak season.

If you're on a budget, try V.I.P Car Rentals (800) 367-6080 or Word of Mouth Rent-a-Used Car (800) 533-5929. They have airport pickup and you'll look like every othe car on the Maui where salt air and sun are hell on wheels.

Want to wipe out your jet lag? Right after you pick your car, take a walk or quick dip at Kanaha Beach Park. It's within spitting distance. Ask the attendant for directions.

The usual rules of the road apply here. Courtesy is appreciated. If you're just cruising along enjoying the view, pull over and allow cars to pass. Someone behind you may be on their way to work. Don't leave valuables in your car.

Airport Pickup

The Trans-Hawaiian (808) 877-7308) shuttle goes between the airport and Ka'anapali hourly from 7AM to 6PM daily, $13 one way, no reservations required. Akina Tours (808) 879-2828) will get you to Kihei, $12, reservations required.


Taxis hang out at the curb by the baggage claim area. Kapalua $60, Ka'anapali $50, Wailea $30.

Or you can call Yellow Cab (808) 877-7000, La Bella Taxi (808) 242-8011 or Kihei Taxi (808) 879-3000


Leave your dogs and pets at home or face a 120 day quarantine. You'll get run through a courteous Ag inspection when you leave. Unless they've been treated and stamped, most plants, fruits and flowers have to stay here. The mainland doesn't want our bugs, especially the fruit fly and we don't blame them. Please respect this rule.

What to Bring

Pack lightly. Comfortable, informal clothing is worn everywhere. If you see a guy with a tie and coat, he's a lawyer on the way to court. Maybe a jacket for a really up-scale restaurant but no tie. Aloha shirts are OK for business and social events. Shorts and a T-shirt or polo shirt, tennis shoes, sandals or rubber flip-flops work.

Sundresses, shorts and tops are fine for women everywhere. Women will want a sweater or wrap for the evening during the winter. Maybe a scarf,...the wind does blow. Boots are too hot, wear running shoes or sandals.

Of course, bathing suits. And don't forget to bring sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)and use it. The UV is fierce and can ruin a know-it-all's vacation. Hat and sunglasses go along with this.

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