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art & artists on maui

Maui is one of the art capitols of the United States. Come again? That’s right Maui has over 60 art galleries, hundreds of professional artists and several art schools. Collectors come from all over the world to buy the work of Maui artists. Major galleries have a Maui branch.

Artists are drawn here by the island’s beauty, light, climate and community. Many become what a friend calls “wallpaper painters” in it for the money. Galleries come and go, some to serve the tourist traffic with mainland kitsch, a few to show the fine work of the artists who celebrate Maui.

Maui Galleries

Central Maui

Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Through the generosity of the local movers and shakers, Maui has a first class cultural center where you can enjoy big name rock concerts, ballets, foreign films, ethnic celebrations, fine art shows and on and on. You’ll find a visual arts gallery, outdoor amphitheater, 300 seat experimental theater, 1,200 seat main theater, rehearsal studios and more. Everybody appears here from the American Ballet Company to the hula. Local theater and dance classes happen here as well. Call the box office (808) 242-7469 or check the Maui News for listings.

Kaukini Gallery
Miles from anywhere else, Karen Lei Noland's Kaukini Gallery is an unexpected and welcome sight. There's some fine art, jewelry and crafts by local Maui artists as well as Karen's own work. Definitely worth a stop. (808) 244-3371

East Maui

Maui Crafts Guild
The Crafts Guild is a special place run by the artists who make the art, hang the shows and man the till. You'll see some unusual, even extraordinary, pieces on display here. And, the prices are reasonable. 43 Hana Hwy. 579-9697

Maui Hands
This gallery is packed to the gills with fine art and crafts created by Maui artists and presented by Panna Spehs who runs sister galleries in Makawao and the Ka'ahumanu Center. An unusual collection and a good place to pick up a fine piece at a reasonable price. 579-9245

These people are serious fish printers. That's right. Kalani Lickle learned the art in the Orient and has fished Maui's waters and printed her fish since 1983. The fish is coated with a non-toxic ink and then rice paper or a delicate fabric is pressed upon the specimen. The results are striking and well worth a stop to see.

Hana Coast Gallery
Here on the grounds on the Hotel Hana Maui is an extraordinary concentration of culture and art tended by our friend Patrick Robinson. The Gallery is a regional showcase of original art and handwork. You'll find paintings, original prints (16th to 20th century), sculpture, fiber, glass, Hawaiian featherwork and turned wood bowls, museum-quality furniture handcrafted from rare Hawaiian woods. You'll also find that Patrick and his staff are expert guides. (808) 248-8636


Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center
Coming up Baldwin Avenue from Paia, about a mile before Makawao, you can drive under a rainbow to visit the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center. Local artists and craftsmen have filled the shop with one-of-a-kind paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry, cards, even toys at reasonable prices. While you're there, enjoy the Baldwin Mansion designed in 1917 by C. W. Dickey for Harry and Ethel. The Center offers classes in basketry, jewelry casting, glass blowing, clay, wood blocks, painting and other media. There’s always an interesting and stimulating exhibit hanging.2841 Baldwin Ave. (808) 572-6560

Viewpoints Gallery
Developed by local artists to have their own showcase, the Viewpoints Gallery shows a wide selection of island art. The shows change frequently. You may find one of the artists hanging out and willing to talk about their work and the island art scene. 3620 Baldwin 572-5979

Hot Island Glass
Watch hot glass coming out of the furnace and, right before your eyes, turning into a beautiful glass creation. The award-winning Worcester family's works are on display at Hot Island Glass. 3620 Baldwin 572-4527

David Sacco's
Observe the golden touch of the master at David Sacco's Master Touch Gallery where you may find an exquisite piece of gold and gemstone just right for you.
Or perhaps you'll want to commission one of David's complex and powerful pieces to reflect your taste and lifestyle. (808) 572-6000

Great shop run by great people. These enterprising women have brought together a very nice selection of art objects, books, prints and paintings. There's always something that's just right for that special person on your list at Ola's. A favorite of island folks for gift buying or just browsing. 3660 Baldwin Ave. 573-1334

Sherri Reeve Gallery
Here's a friendly place where the colorful paintings of Sherri Reeve are fashioned into prints, cards, tiles, T-shirts and anything else you can imagine. 3669 Baldwin 572-8931

West Maui

Lahaina seems to have been taken over by underwater fantasy artists, with Wyland and Lassen leading the pack, and by galleries selling celebrity art. Prices are as sky high as the rents. Giclee prints with a dab or two by the artist don’t seem like good value, so we look for the few galleries offering qulairt local artists.

Maui To Go
Run by local printmaker, Joelle C. Perz, this space offers artwork by Hawaii residents only. Colored pencil drawings by John Romaine and finely crafted pieces by John Berg. 505 Front Street.

Lahaina Art Society
Home to the Lahaina Art Society’s two galleries, you’ll find the paintings, pottery and fiber art of some of Maui’s established as well as up and coming artists here. Pick up a gallery map of the 30 plus galleries in town. Drop down to the Old Jail Gallery in the basement of the Courthouse. The cells now house paintings rather than prisoners. On the weekends, members spread their art under the Banyan Tree. The 300 member artists help fund scholarships for high school students and many other good causes. 648 Wharf Street

Art Night Friday 7-10pm
A good time to visit Lahaina galleries is Friday evening. You can sip a glass of wine and talk to whatever artists have shown up.

Village Galleries
Over the years, Lyn Shue has built a gallery based on Maui’s finest artists with works in all media. You’ll find favorites of ours, such as George Allen, Pam Andelin, Diana Lehr and Betty Hay Freeland. Three locations, 120 Dickenson, Lahaina Cannery and the Ritz Carlton. (808) 661-4402

Maui Museums

Central Maui Museums

Bailey House
Missionary sugar planter Edward Bailey's 1833 home is filled with Hawaiian treasure. Nice old stone and timber house holds precontact artifacts like dog tooth necklaces, and a lei of tree snail shells. More recent stuff like Duke Kahanamoku's redwood surfboard. A gallery of Bailey's 1866 landscapes show a Maui we no longer know. Open 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 2375-A Main St., (808) 244-3326

Hawaii Science Center
Hands on science and a lot of fun for kids and adults. The Center has interactive exhibits , experiences and explorations that open up many ways to understand and appreciate the beauty as well as the science of the Iao Valley. Guided nature walks, too. 875 Iao Valley Road (808) 244-6500

Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Through the generosity of the local movers and shakers, Maui has a first class cultural center where you can enjoy big name rock concerts, ballets, foreign films, ethnic celebrations, fine art shows and on and on. Local theater and dance classes happen here as well. Check the Maui News for listings.

Paper Airplane Museum. The Tin Can Man
There are some surprises here, too. Look in the west wing for the Paper Airplane Museum. The Tin Can Man makes airplanes and other oddments from recycled soda cans as you watch. Buy a kit and try it yourself or just wander and wonder at his collection of paper airplane kits. Maui Mall (808) 877-8916

A&B Sugar Museum
Maui's plantation era and sugar industry are documented here in considerable detail. Artifacts, murals, videos about Maui’s geography, climate and sugar industry. Lots of information on the contribution made by the waves of immigrant workers who made it all work. Gift shop. 3957 Hansen Road, Puunene (808) 871-8058

Hana Cultural Center
On the grounds of the old courthouse, the Center has over 200 members who collect and display photographs, shells, quilts and other artifacts. There are over 4,000 items in the archives. Free. (808) 248-8622.

Upcountry Maui Museums

Haleakala Crater Visitor Center
You can learn how it all happened at the Visitor Center's exhibits and slide shows. Friendly Park rangers will answer all your questions.

Kula Botanical Garden
The Kula Botanical Garden has over 700 tropical plants on display with useful tags to let you know what you're looking at. You'll be surprised at how many you'll spot again and again as you drive around the island. Upper Kula Road (808) 878-1715

Keiki Petting Zoo
A young girl's hobby turned into an extraordinary collection of animals that children ( and adults) love to visit with and pet. Call for reservations, (808) 878-2819.

South Maui Museums

Maui Ocean Center
Not to be missed. The Maui Ocean Center is a state-of-the-art aquarium that puts you nose to nose with many of the amazing creatures that inhabit the waters around Maui. You can watch a diver in a cage feed sharks bigger than she is.

Hard to believe the beauty of giant jellyfish pulsing within inches of your face. Or the strangeness of garden eels, the frog fish and shy octopus.Then stroll right through the bottom of a 750,000 gallon tank in an acrylic tunnel, Awesome! There's also the Ma'alaea Restaurant serving tasty Pacific Rim cuisine and The Gift and Bookstore where you can find a treasured souvenir. 192 Maalaea Road (808) 270-7000

Pacific Whale Foundation
The Pacific Whale Foundation is Maui's oldest and largest marine research and education organization. They offer whale watching tours guided by marine biologists. Profits from the tours go to help save whales and the oceans. They have a fleet of four state~of-the-art catamarans. On board, you can help researchers collect information about pod locations, behavi ors and configurations and listen to their songs on hydrophones.
Learn more about whales at the Pacific Whale Foundation's stores and marine resource centers at Ma'alaea Harbor Village and at 143 Dickenson St. in Lahaina. The Foundation sponsors a wide range of educational programs. Don't miss Whale Week in February. (808) 879-8860.

West Maui Museums

Carthaginian III
The brig Carthaginian III is a replica of a 19th century square rigger typically used for whaling and hauling missionaries around. Several earlier versions sank but this one's been around since 1980. A visit features videos, recorded whale songs and a whale boat. (808) 661-8527

Baldwin Home
Medical missionary Dwight Baldwin built the Baldwin Home in 1834 and lived in it until 1871. Now it's the center of the Lahaina Restoration Foundation efforts. Stop by to experience what life was like back then. 695 Front Street (808) 661-3262

Hale-Pa'ahao Prison
Hale-Pa'ahao Prison (Stuck in Irons House) is where they kept the bad guys in the 1800's. This is where blocks from the Old Fort ended up. There's a spooky wax sailor who'll talk to you when you visit. Prison Street. (808) 667-1985

Wo Hing Society
Chinese workers, brought here to harvest cane, built the Wo Hing Society social hall as a place to worship and hang out. In the cook house next door, you can sit in the dusk and ponder some of the first movies of Hawai'i shot by Thomas Edison in 1898 and 1903. (808) 661-5553

Hale Kahiko
(ancient house)
A carefully crafted replica of an Hawaiian village tucked in the back of the Lahaina Center and well worth seeking out. Many of the tools and plants Hawaiians used.You can learn a lot about how they lived from the nice folks who run this place. Free guided tours weekdays or pick up a map and stroll your own. 900 Front Street (808) 667-9216

Hale Pa’i
The first newspaper published West of the Rockies was printed here in 1834. Hale Pa’i, the printing house, was set up to train Lahainaluna Seminary students in printing and binding dictionaries, Bibles and “Mo’o lelo’ a taste of Hawaiian life and traditions. You’ll find a replica of the original press and examples of early publications including money. (808) 667-7040

Whale Museum
The Whalers Village Museum (Whale Center Of The Pacific)
Stuffed with stuff about whaling...ship models, tools, scrimshaw, whatever it took. There is an outdoor exhibit of a 40 foot sperm whale skeleton and whale boat. Open daily. Admission free. 661-5992.


Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Through the generosity of the local movers and shakers, Maui has a first class cultural center where you can enjoy big name rock concerts, ballets, foreign films, ethnic celebrations, fine art shows and on and on. You’ll find a visual arts gallery, outdoor amphitheater, 300 seat experimental theater, 1,200 seat main theater, rehearsal studios and more. Everybody appears here from the American Ballet Company to the hula. Local theater and dance classes happen here as well. Call the box office (808) 242-7469 or check the Maui News for listings.

The Maui Myth and Magic Theater
In the Old Lahaina Center presents “Ulalena” at 6 and 8:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Call 661-9913 for reservations. This is an imaginatively staged presentation of Hawaiian history in a state-of-the-art theater and not to be missed.

The Maui Community Theater
makes its home in the historic lao Theater at 68 N. Market Street in Wailuku. Call (808) 242-6969 for the current schedule

Other Theater Groups
The Maui Academy of Performing Arts (808) 244-8760 stages several plays and other events each year, many of which are for children's entertainment.

The Baldwin Theater Guild (808) 242-5821 presents a number of theatrical productions and workshops during the year.

The Maul News, other local publications and hotel desks can provide the most up-to-date information about current productions.


Films currently showing on the U S. mainland play at the local cinemas, which are located in Kukui Mall, Kihei; the Wharf Cinema Center and Lahaina Center, Lahaina; the Maui Mall Multiplex and Ka'ahumanu Center theater.

Check out "The Hawaii Experience" Omni Theater (661-8314) on Front Street in Lahaina. A 40-minute film documents Hawai'i's past and present, with superb photography and excellent sound system shown on a giant domed screen. Shows run on the hour from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

Don’t forget the Maui Arts and Cultural Center which hosts the Hawaii International Film Festival and has frequent showings of art films.

Night Life

Cocktail Bars

After a full day of sight-seeing, you may just want to relax and have a cocktail. For an excellent view of the sunset, stop in at the:

Hula Grill's Barefoot Bar
(808) 661-3894 right in the sand on Ka'anapali Beach at Whaler's Village. Live Hawaiian style or soft reggae music is featured nightly from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The menu includes a variety of appetizers, sandwiches and burgers.

The Makai Bar
(808) 667-1200 at the Maui Marriott in Ka'anapali is another spot for catching a beautiful Maui sunset, voted "Best Pupus and Best Views" on Maui by a Maui News readership poll. Hawaiian and contemporary entertainment is featured nightly from 5:00 to 11:30 p.m.

Night Clubs

West Maui's major resorts always have entertainers to amuse their guests. The Maui News (Thursday’s "The Scene" section) is the way to find out what’s happening. You can also just stroll down Front Street in Lahaina and tune in to the music floating out of various places.

West Maui

Moose McGillycuddy's
Is t
he younger crowd’s hangout. (808) 667-7758 at 844 Front Street, where rock'n' roll is the music. Live bands entertain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 9:30 p.m.

Maui Brews
n the Lahaina Center (808) 667-7794 is another popular place for dining and dancing.

South Maui

Hapa’s Brew Haus & Restaurant
41 E. Lipoa Street (808) 879-9001 is the place to party in Kihei. Entertainment from 9:00 to 1:30am.

Wailea's Maui lnter-Continental
offers a selection of dancing music in the Inu Inu Lounge (808) 879-l922. Music ranges from jazz to swing to Top-40.

(808) 875-1234, the Grand Wailea's elegant night club features Top-40 contemporary music with a state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video system for its 10,000-square-foot dance floor; from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. weekdays, and until 4:00 a.m. on weekends. There is a cover charge for non-guests of the hotel.

Central Maui

Kahului Ale House & Sports Bar
Kamehameha Ave. (808) 874-9001 offers karaoke, music and dancing.


Casanova's Italian Restaurant and Deli
(808) 572-0220 in Makawao has live music on the weekends, featuring a wide range of musical styles.

Reminder: Don't drive a car if you've been drinking alcoholic beverages.

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