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maui tropical flower gallery

One of the great joys of living on Maui is the year around flashes of color from blossoming plants. You see everything from desert cactus to rainforest exotics. The only plants on Maui at the beginning were brought here by winds, birds or the sea. The Polynesians were the first to introduce foreign species. About 1500 years ago they brought hibiscus, ginger, yams, taro, gourds, ti, sugar cane, bananas, bamboo, mountain apple, coconut, turmeric, sweet potato, breadfruit and paper mulberry. Also dogs, pigs, chickens, rats and insects. Everyone who came after them seems to have brought their favorites along with some pests. We have many endangered species. Please enjoy and leave things as you find them.

We can't help taking photos of them. So, we thought to share them with you. They are arranged by the locations where you are most likely to see them. Neither of us are botanists, if you see a mistaken identification, let us know. If you tell us which ones you like, we will put up larger versions that you can click through to. Email us at: mindworks@maui.net

Everywhere 1





Begonias are a favorite yard plant where they bloom year around in the shade. This one grows in a pot on our porch.


(Solenostemon scutellaroides)

Coleus, a member of the mint family, is planted everywhere you want a spot of exotic color. Originally from Java.


(Codiaeum variegatum)

Hundreds of foliage patterns and colors make this bush a kaleidoscope. Came from the South Pacific where it was used medicinally and in ceremonies. A member of the Spurge family.


Orchid Tree

Lollipop Plant


(Ixora casei)

You'll see these bushes with their masses of scarlet flowers around the malls and restaurants. The flowers were offered to the gods in India.


(Bauhinia monandra)

Not an orchid, but a bean tree. The flowers are elegant amidst the butterfly shaped leaves.

 (Pachystacys lutea)

You'll see these bright yellow flowering shrubs in yards and containers all over. It's a close relative of the shrimp plant.



(Plumeria rubra)

The heavenly fragrance and bright colors of the plumeria blossoms are everywhere. You may first experience them in a lei on your arrival. Picking up a fresh fallen blossom is good for a refreshing whiff anytme.


pink plumeria

Rainbow Shower Tree



rainbow shower

(Cassia xnealae)

This is the official tree of Honolulu. Walking under a sunlit tree in full bloom is mind-blowing.


orange hibiscus

Big orange hibiscus are usually hybrids. Too bad they don't last long as cut flowers. Red hibiscus are a spectacular and common yard bush.

red hibiscus



(Hemigraphis alternata)

Ruellias came here from Brazil and are not all that common. Found this on at the Tropical Plantation.

Spider Lily


White Anthurium

spider lily

(Crinum asiaticum)

Fragrant sprays of red, pink and white flowers grown as an ornamental everywhere. Their fragrance at night is wonderful.


(Cordyline fruticosa)

Ti grows everywhere. You just break off a piece and stick it in the ground. Used to wrap food or decorate.


white anthurium

(Anthurium andraecanum)

The white ones appear at weddings and in mixed bouquets. They are hybrids from a wild green species and related to the calla lilly and taro.

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