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Free & Affordable Things To Do
OGG, the airport
Iao Valley, the spiritual center
Wailuku, old Maui
Kahului, the shopping center
Paia, windsurfing capitol
Hana, the last Hawaiian place

Lahaina, sin city 1860
Maalaea, ocean center
Kihei, condos, malls, beaches
Wailea, big hotels
Haleakala Crater
Upcountry. cowboys, shopping

Paia, windsurfing capitol

Here is a town of 2,000 souls that has always been an odd mixture of locals, New Age hippies, tourist traps and surfer heaven. First stop on the way to Hookipa's windsurfing, last stop on the Road to Hana, there's something for everyone in Paia.

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H. A. Baldwin Park

baby beach
This is really the west end of Baldwin Beach and a great favorite with families since the reef forms a giant, shallow, salt water pond where kids can paddle and play. Can be windy.


Where else can you find an uncrowded white sand beach with a consistent shore break for bodysurfing. This popular park has restrooms, showers, a pavilion, picnic tables and grills. A busy place on the weekends that still leaves plenty of empty beach for strolling or sunning.

beach frolic
Krystal and Tam grew up playing in the surf here.

Baldwin Park

This is where we take a Sunday walk and picnic on the beach. You never can tell what will turn up.

Baldwin Painter

Rinzai Zen Mission


Rinzai Zen Mission

Tucked away off to the side of the Baldwin Beach Park entry is this handsome Buddhist temple. The grounds are peaceful and worth a visit.

Paia Sugar Mill


Paia Sugar Mill

The closest Maui gets to having "dark, satanic mills." The rainbow happens offten as little showers make their way across the cane fields.

Maui Crafts Guild

The Crafts Guild is a special place run by the artists who make the art, hang the shows and man the till. You'll see some unusual, even extraordinary, pieces on display here. And, the prices are reasonable.
• Maui Crafts G

Maui Crafts Guild

Paia Town

Paia Town

Fun place to walk around, shop, observe the local surfer scene. The stores, restaurants and galleries change more quickly than we can keep up with.

Paia Town 2


Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center

Famed for their Veggie Burger and for packing goodies for the Road to Hana. Tasty food, fair prices.

Brad Pitt or Richard Gere occasionally appear at the Maui Dharma Center on their way to and fro. But mostly the place is kept together and moving by a resident lama and a large group of active Tibetan Buddhists. Nice folks.

Mantokuji Buddhist Temple

Mama's Fish House


Mantokuji Buddhist Temple

The gong at this temple is rung 18 times at the rising and the setting of the sun. A peaceful place to contemplate your mortality with a great view of the ocean.

Mama's Fish House
What does an old truck have to do with a restaurant? Well, it's their sign, plus the owner is an antique car buff. Mama's often wins the award for the best fish on Maui. A little pricey and definitely noisy. But the view is special and the service good.
• Mama's Fish House

Hookipa Beach Park

-Hookipa Beach Park

There's not much beach here but folks come mainly for the excellent surfing and windsurfing. The internationally famous windsurfing conditions bring competitors and watchers from all over the world. Great place to join (or just watch) the world's best windsurfers. Restrooms, showers and four pavilions with tables and grills where some mellow partying goes on.

-Hookipa Beach Park 2


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