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Planning Your Trip
Free & Affordable Things To Do

OGG, the airport
Iao Valley, the spiritual center
Wailuku, old Maui
Kahului, the shopping center
Paia, windsurfing capitol
Hana, the last Hawaiian place

Lahaina, sin city 1860
Maalaea, ocean center
Kihei, condos, malls, beaches
Wailea, big hotels
Haleakala Crater
Upcountry. cowboys, shopping

Haleakala Crater

You'll go from sea level to 10,000 feet in just 38 miles, around 33 switchbacks and through 12 climate zones on the way to the top of the world's largest dormant volcano (hasn't gone off since 1790). The views go on for 100 miles. Stop, stretch, look around. At the Leleiwi Overlook, if conditions are right, you may see a reflection of your shadow surrounded by a rainbow known as the "Specter of the Brocken." Legend says the demi-god Maui stood here to lasso the sun to lengthen the day so his mother, Hina, could dry her tapa cloth.

Sunrise Market & Protea

Hosmer's Grove

Just the place to stop and refresh on the way down from the Crater. A walk-through garden of protea will show you blossoms beyond imagination. Buy a few freshly cut and look through the gift shop.
• Sunrise Market & Protea



Lovely place to stop for a picnic on the way up. Free camping with a permit from the Park Headquarters (572-9306) with tent sites and running water. A nature trail leads through a grove of trees from all over the world.

Haleakala Crater

You can learn how it all happened at the Visitor Center's exhibits and slide shows. Friendly Park rangers will answer all your questions.
• Haleakala Crater Visitor Center


Ahina ahina in Hawaiian, this amazing plant is a member of the sunflower family. They take from 4 to 20 years to bloom, sending up a 1 to 9 foot stalk of silver bayonets with tiny purple bouquets. Growing only here, they're endangered, please don't touch.

Haleakala Crater

Those three tiny people in the lower right will give you some idea of the size of this place. Huge!

You've come 10,023 feet up to the top of Haleakala, now look down into a 19 square mile caldera. Manhattan Island would fit in here. The East end gets 300 inches of rain as year, the West end gets 30 inches. Hiking through the Crater is a chance to experience multi-hued cinder cones and absolute silence...until a helicopter pops up. You may meet the rare nene goose. There are cabins you can stay in if you've reserved far enough ahead. Warm clothes required for sure. It's cold up here, even snows sometimes.

Science City

Watch our for these seven mysterious domes. Scientists probe the secrets of the universe from within. They contain University of Hawaii observatories, radar installations and a satellite tracking station. Laser beams are bounced off the moon or shot at satelites as part of the Star Wars program. Off limits to visitors.

See and hear the endangered nene goose on our Maui HI! Tour Guide CD-ROM

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