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Tell us about your interesting, fun, unusual, thrilling or spiritual experience on Maui so we can share it with other visitors. Some of the folks who had special experiences here include Herman Melville (he was on the lam), Mark Twain, Jack London and Cecile B. DeMille. Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers honeymooned here. Will Rogers came to play polo. So did General George S. Patton. Geogia O'Keefe painted the Iao Valley and the Hana coast. Just send your experience by e-mail to: mindworks@maui.net

"It was the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed and I think the memory of it will remain with me always."

Mark Twain on his trip to Haleakala Crater

Just returned from the most beautiful vacation we've ever experienced! I am not ready to be "home" yet, so I am playing my Hawaiian music and crying as I write this. I can still feel the soft breezes and see the palm trees and imagine the sunsets. Thanks for having this site for me to savor our trip of a lifetime. Maui is a paradise on earth and we have traveled all over the world, but never to Hawaii. We thought Bali was "it," or maybe Paris or Prague...but, Maui touched my heart.

The attitude was so friendly at our hotel, in all the shops, and every restaurant had something special to remember. Mama's Fish House after the spectacular day on the Road to Hana was such a delight! The Maalaea Waterfront Restaurant was the perfect intimate and romantic place for our anniversary dinner. (get good directions or you'll never find it) Don't miss the beautiful Old Lahaina Luau for the most awesome experience...very well done with pictures and everything. (sit on the mats for perfect view of the dancing) Don't miss dining at Pacific'O in Lahaina for another romantic, by the water, top of the line presentation of Pacific Rim food!! Very contemporary but very laid back also. Away from the madness of the shopping.

I could go on...It was lovely. Aloha!

J & G

Specifically, I would like to see photos and/or video of the places I visited on Maui. I have many pictures that were taken during the 2 weeks I spent on Maui in May 1990, but it is always refreshing to see things from someone else's perspective. I stayed on Ka'anapali Beach at the Hyatt Regency. I took a helicopter tour of the island, including the Haleakala Crater and went on a snorkeling cruise out to Molokini. I drove the road to Hana and went para-sailing in Lahaina. As you can see, I managed to fit in several activities during the time I was there and it was my favorite vacation ever!

D. B.


Have only been to Hawaii once, five years ago. Incredible does not begin to cover it. The most amazing was the Road to Hana, in that, when we were going up, it was scary enough (I am a Florida flatlander), but just as we reached the top the sunami (sp?) warning sounded and all hell broke loose as far as wind and rain. Going down was some more interesting. Beautiful little waterfalls had turned into raging sluices that pulled away lanes of highway (but the road crews were already there - how did they do that?), and it was awesome, just awesome. Mother Nature and Maui put on a thrill for us. We are coming back in November, and I just know something will be an amazement to us yet again

J. W.


I had the best time in Maui. The road to Hana was wonderful, but you have to do it in a jeep. It's the only way. It is like being in another world. I went horseback riding at the Mendes Ranch, and it was beautiful. They have a wonderful trail ride, totally worth the money. The town of Lahaina is cool. If you have the chance, spend the day there shopping and hanging out. Check out Bubba Gumps. It is a really cool place to eat and have a good time. The crater is pretty cool, but getting up at 3:00 in the moring to see the sunrise was a drag because there was too much cloud cover to see a great sunrise. But if you have to, go see it. And you have to snorkel. It was awsome. I saw a sea turtle and an eel. It was great. We didn't get to see a lot of tutles like the tour guides tell you, but one was good. I went on the Four Winds tour, and it was pretty cool. They serve you lunch and the drinks are free. Can't beat that! And you do see a lot of really colorful and pretty fish. Overall, the island of Maui was great. The people for the most part are great. We met some really nice people. If you are in the town of Kahana, go to Dollies. They are really cool people. Michael is a really cool local. He has only been there for about a year and a half, but he is really nice and will tell you where to go for some fun. o go to Maui and have fun. Aloha!




great site , spent some time there this past spring. best pics i have seen. makes me want to come back.

thanks marty


I am coming to Maui in April. Just wanted to let you know that you site is pretty cool. I have been there 3 times before but my husband has never been. I am so looking foward to being able to share all the sites and beautiful secenery with him. Your site has got both of us excited about our trip. Thank you for putting this together so we know all the places to see.


I recently had my first visit to Maui,, if there is a paradise, this certainly is it. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and I cannot say enough about the employees or the hotel. It is truly spectacular. Also, we had the pleasure of dining at the Hula Grill which was more than memorable experience. We were in Maui for 7 days, out of the 7 days we enjoyed dinner 4 nights at the Maui Grill. The food is spectacular, the presentation of food is something that everyone needs to experience. I am not one who will eat raw tuna (so to speak) the Hula Grill prepared an appetizer of seared tuna that was absolutely fantastic. Actually, the fact that we went back four night out of seven speaks for itself. We would truly rate this resturant as a 5 star. Also, I did not find the Hyatt Regency in your list and we would also rate this hotel and its accommodations, employees etc as a five star. This was my first visit to Maui and I can truly say that I cannot wait to return. Thank you for having such a beautiful and tranquil island to visit.

P. N.






I enjoyed your tour. I was there last March with a friend and we did The Road From Hana afterdark so missed some of the views, but am planning to come back with my husband next year. Maui was a dream trip and one I will always remember, from trying the language to the indescribable views. I have told everyone here, the whole island is a postcard! I couldn't believe how beautiful it is. I have over 300 pictures and enjoy looking at them and your tour is the commentary. It was very nice.

S. N.

I really liked Maui a lot; and the thing I liked best about it, was that the people seemed to have the knack of making tourism work for them, instead of against them. I hope they can expand and still stay that way, or have the courage to limit growth if it is really necessary. It was wonderful to see an island that has so many microclimates - such varied landscape!


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